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Live life ferretishly!

Wardance your troubles away!

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responsible pet ferret ownership and support

Welcome to Ferretish!

This community is a gathering place for ferret owners (new, old, and aspiring) as well as anyone else who admires these fuzzy little sock thieves. If you just joined, please feel free to make a post and introduce yourself and your ferrets!

We want you to feel welcome here and for this to become a fun and active ferret community, full of pictures and silly stories of what these little creatures do to make us their slaves and to charm us so wholeheartedly. So please join in and post! Pictures and anecdotes are just as welcome as care information and questions, but most of all, remember to have fun!

We are a no-nonsense community when it comes to giving advice. Yes, there are many acceptable ways to care for your pets, and you won't find anyone bickering with you over giving or taking fifteen minutes of playtime or which ear cleaner you use. But when it comes to harmful foods, toys, caging, or ownership practices, you will be informed of what you're doing wrong, and we encourage you to be open-minded. However, we won't tolerate flaming or excessive harshness here. You will attract more flies with honey than vinegar, and nicely rewording your comment can often mean the difference between being blown off by the poster or having your advice taken. I think we all want the latter.

We strongly encourage ferret disease control and prevention practices here, namely ADV testing. We want you to test your ferrets for ADV because we test our ferrets for ADV. It's a horrible disease that can be prevented with knowledge, testing, and proper quarantine procedures. When adding to your ferret family, please remember to quarantine, and test your ferrets yearly or bi-yearly with a reliable blood test (the CEP test, either done at home or through your vet).

Please remember: LIVEJOURNAL IS NOT A VET'S OFFICE. No one, not even a vet, can diagnose your ferret over the internet. If your pet is sick, take him or her to your veterinarian as soon as possible! These little lives depend on us for everything.

Looking for something? We have an extensive tags section for your perusal.

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