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Hi everyone!

This community has been pretty quiet lately but hopefully there are still some people reading. I realize this is an issue I could probably just Google but I would feel so much better about getting advice and input from you all.

Basically, I'm wondering whether I should be doing anything about my ferrets' teeth. They're getting older and tend to have more plaque build-up than when they were younger. Do you brush your ferrets' teeth? And if so, how do you do it and what do you use? Thanks!
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Hot damn these ferret communities are super dead. It is all about the facebook and twitter now, I guess. Meeper season is getting close. Can't wait this year. We are going to have some crackin litters. I'll do a photo dump here for anyone who might still be active.

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Ferret Food

I'm not interested in getting in any arguments about pet food (been there done that over years of being in the veterinary field) but I would like to know owner's opinions on 2-3 of the highest quality ferret foods (kibble only.) Not interested in RAW diet so no need to mention that.

I am thinking Totally Ferret or Ferret EVO as those seem to be the top choices - yet I have seen bad press about them as well.

Reason is I want to switch to a higher quality ferret food in the next few months or so. I have been using the same ferret kibble for 13 years but would like to change. Again I'm not looking to get into a war about pet foods and am a bit hesitatnt to even ask any pet food questions online because it always seems to lead to a pet food war :)

Any info is appreciated thanks!
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This week in ferret news.....

Lots of happenings in the ferret world this month, both good and bad.

Bad being the Triple F farms PETA story.

Good being yesterday was International Ferret Day


Just to remind everyone on this group, filming of the fantastic ferret movie "Jake and Jasper: A Ferret's Tale" is pretty much complete. The director just released the FIRST trailer.

I don't know about you guys, but I already teared up when watching this x_x

Donations can still be given on their website for continuing production costs.

Yesterday I went down the road and took a photo of this awesome street. I'd like to live on this street for obvious reasons :)



And lastly Tenchi and Pachi say hi.

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Jen & Sera

Safe way to de-flea the playroom?

 My ferret has a playroom, with a few toys that can be easily cleaned. However, he also has a maze made out of Capri Sun boxes. Somehow, fleas got in his playroom (no clue how, none of the other animals are allowed in there & are all treated for fleas). 

Is there a safe way to de-flea the room, most importantly his maze? He does get plain Advantage every month, so I'm so concerned with them biting him as I am with them just being there (& climbing all over me when we're playing)